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So you're going to go to college — that's great. But what are you going to major in?

There are a lucky few who just know what it is they want to do in life and, because of that, they also know what they need to study in college. But for most of us, we enter college with a few different options we are considering and we just hope that we'll figure it out one day or that fate will intervene somehow.

A few obvious options:

Liberal Arts
The broad field of liberal arts holds so many different fields that a student could potentially go into. Many of these fields require graduate or further professional degrees in order to qualify to work in them (such as psychology, if someone wants to become a psychologist), but these degrees can also be used to enter different fields as well. For example, an organization could hire a psychology major to work in their human resources department. Find out more about liberal arts degrees.

Of course, most universities' business department is generally one of the biggest departments on campus. Business majors are popular with employers, so that means they are popular with students as well. Most colleges offer several different majors including marketing, accounting, finance, and information systems management. You can also just choose a general business degree in business administration.

Teaching and Education
Teaching is still a popular major. It can be a way for a way for graduates of traditional liberal arts fields, such as English, Literature, Geography, History and other topics that graduates often have trouble finding jobs with. But teaching can also be one of the most rewarding professions as well. Explore more about education as a career.

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